Pre-dive Vacuum Pump System for Salted Line Underwater Housings


Our built-in Salted Line housing Moisture sensor and alarm system is one of the best innovation in underwater housings. Water housings rarely leak, but if it happens, our existing moisture sensor will be able to warn you early enough. To get an extra peace of mind, we recommend our optional pre-dive Vacuum Pump System, which pumps the air out of the housing in 10 sec and ensures the vaccum created inside the Salted Line housing keeps it properly sealed with green/red light indicator visible for your convinience.

Compatible with:

  • Seafrogs Salted Line Underwater Housings

Package includes:

  • Electronic valve
  • Pump
  • Screwdriver (for battery replacement)

The vacuum pump system is used for checking the watertightness of underwater camera housing before submerging.


Setting up:

  • Install the camera inside underwater camera housing in dry and low humidity place.
  • Remove the lid from back plate to access vacuum pump system opening (Illustration 1). Make sure the O-ring stays in place
  • Attach the electronic valve into the opening by screwing it clockwise (Illustration 2)
  • Unscrew the lid of electronic valve (Illustration 3)
  • Press the button to turn on the LED inside the valve (Illustration 4). LED starts blinking red.
  • Attach the rubber part of a pump to the valve and start pumping air out (Illustration 5)
  • Red LED blinking indicates there is still ambient atmospheric pressure inside the housing.
  • The hand pump is fitted to the threaded valve body and the air should be pumped out of a unit until the red LED changes to green LED. We recommend to add 10-15 more strokes after the LED turned green to make sure there is sufficient pressure to seal the housing cover plate to the body.
  • The additional strokes will ensure the LED indication is accurate to the inside pressure and housing seal.
  • The pump is then removed, and the protective lid is placed back to ensure airtightness.
  • Observe the green LED blinking for 15 minutes to make sure there is no air leakage.
  • Safe to dive now

To open the housing after the dive:

  • Remove the protective lid from the electronic valve (illustration 3)
  • Press the button to release the air pressure from the valve (Illustration 4). LED starts blinking red.
  • Remove the electronic valve from the housing back plate and put the cover lid back in place
  • Now you can open the housing and take the camera out. Please note, there might be still some pressure in the housing that keeps the back plate "glued" to the housing. You may need to apply some force to open the back plate.

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